StoreMetadata, accessed via FMTCStore().metadata, allows access and control over a simple peristent storage mechanism, designed for use with custom data/properties/fields tied to the store (such as a CacheBehavior or URL template).

Data is interpreted in key-value pair form, where both the key and value are Strings. Internally, the default backend stores it as a flat JSON structure. The metadata is stored directly on the store: if the store is deleted, it is deleted, and an exported store will retain its metadata. More advanced requirements will require use of a seperate persistance mechanism.

Remember that metadata does not have any effect on internal logic: it is simply an auxiliary method of storing any data that might need to be kept alongside a store.

final md = FMTCStore('storeName').metadata;

await; // Retrieve (all) the stored metadata
await md.set(); // Set a single key-value pair (overwriting any existing value for the key)
await md.setBulk(); // Set multiple key-value pairs (overwriting any existing value for each key)
await md.remove(); // Remove the specified key (and corresponding value)
await md.reset(); // Remove all keys (and values)

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