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Hi there 👋 My name is Luka, but I go by JaffaKetchup!

I'm currently in full-time education in the UK studying Computer Science, Geography, and Mathematics, and have been building my software development skills alongside my education for many years. I specialise in the Flutter and Dart technologies to build cross-platform applications, and have over 4 years of experience both from a hobby and commercial standpoint.

I've worked as a senior developer with a small team at WatchEnterprise to develop their Flutter-based WatchCrunch social media app for Android & iOS.

I'm one of a small team of maintainers for Flutter's №1 non-commercially aimed mapping library 'flutter_map', for which we make internal contributions, regulate and collaborate with external contributors, and offer support to a large community. I also personally develop a multitude of extension libraries, such as 'flutter_map_tile_caching'. In addition, I regularly contribute to OpenStreetMap, and continously improve my skills with personal experimental projects.

I'm eager to earn other languages, and more than happy to talk about anything software development related!

Sponsorships & donations allow me to further my education, whilst spening even more time developing the open-source projects that you use & love. I'm grateful for any amount you can spare, all support means a lot to me :) If you can't support me financially, please consider leaving a star and a like on projects that worked well for you.

I'm extremely greatful for any amount you can spare!


Many thanks to all my supporters, donations of all sizes mean a lot to me, and encourage and enable me to continue my work on FMTC and other open-source projects.

In no particular order:

And also a thank you to the businesses listed in Trusted by many, and more, for abiding by the GPL license of this repository.

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