Example Application

This package contains a full example application - prebuilt for Android and Windows - showcasing the most important features of this package and it's modules.
The example app isn't intended for beginners or as a starting point for a project. Indeed, I have had feedback that it can be confusing, and I've noticed it often leads to unnecessary code.
It includes as much functionality as possible, which is more than most apps will need. Additionally, it includes supplementing and auxillary features that demonstrate what can surround FMTC, and some common UI patterns.
It is useful evaluate FMTC before implementing it, or to get help with implementing common patterns, instead of using it to start a new project.
Before using FMTC or the example application, ensure you comply with the appropriate rules and ToS set by your tile server. Failure to do so may lead to a permenant ban, or any other punishment.
This library and/or the creator(s) are not responsible for any violations you make using this package.
OpenStreetMap's can be found here: specifically bulk downloading is discouraged, and forbidden after zoom level 13. Other servers may have different terms.

Prebuilt Example Applications

There are prebuilt applications for Android and Windows available on GitHub.
These are automatically built (using GitHub Actions) from the latest available commits every time the example source files change, so may include functionality not yet available via installation.
Additionally, they both contain auto-updaters, which download and install the newer versions from the same source.
You can verify that these applications are built directly from the source code, and have not been maliciously modified, because commiter is always the GitHub Actions Bot, which can be verified by the profile icon linking to a non-profile page.


To run the prebuilt Android application on most devices, download the .apk package (from Prebuilt Example Applications) to your device, then execute it to install it.
After installation, it will appear in the launcher like any other application.
The operating system may request permissions to install applications from unknown sources: you must allow this.


To run the prebuilt Windows application on most devices, download the .exe package (from Prebuilt Example Applications) to your device, then execute it to install it.
It will require a very simple installation with no administrator privileges required, then it will appear in the Start Menu and search bars like any other application. You can optionally choose to create a desktop shortcut.
You may receive security warnings depending on your system setup: these are false positives and occur due to the package being unsigned.

Other Platforms

For other platforms, there are no prebuilt applications.
You'll have to clone this project, open the 'example' directory, and then build for your desired platform using Dart and Flutter as normal.
There is no auto-updater support for other platforms.
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