Example Application

https://nightly.link/JaffaKetchup/flutter_map_tile_caching/workflows/main/mainThis package contains a full example application - prebuilt for Android and Windows by GitHub Actions - showcasing the most important features of this package and its modules.

The example app isn't intended for beginners or as a starting point for a project. It is intended for evaluation purposes, to discover FMTC's capabilities, and how it might be implemented into an app.

To start using FMTC in your own app, please check out the Quickstart guide instead.

The example application pairs perfectly with the testing tile server included in the FMTC project: Testing Tile Server!

Prebuilt Artifacts

If you can't build from source for your platform, our GitHub Actions CI system compiles the example app to artifacts for Windows and Android, which just require unzipping and installing the .exe or .apk found inside.

Note that these artifacts are built automatically from the 'master' branch, so may not reflect the the latest release on pub.dev.

Build From Source

If you need to use the example app on another platform, you can build from source, using the 'example' directory of the repository.

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