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v7 -> v8 Migration

v8 brings major performance & stability improvements, along with support for Isar v3.1 and 'flutter_map' v4.
Some migrations are necessary for a small number of users. These migrations are listed below, theoretically in decreasing number of affected users.
The underlying storage structure is directly compatible with v7, and so migration for that is not required.


The fmtc_plus_sharing module is required to use the import/export functionality.
See the fmtc_plus_sharing Installation & Setup instructions to add this module.
  • Return type is now ImportResult This contains both the real store name (may be different to the filename) and whether the import was successful.
  • Collision handlers are now called with an additional argument The filename and real store name are now both passed to the collision handler. See Collision/Conflict Resolution.


FMTCInitialisationException's fields have changed to be more useful in debugging initialisation issues, both internally and externally. If processing these issues manually, you'll need to migrate. See the in-code documentation for more information.

Custom HttpClient Usage

FMTC now supports HTTP/2, through 'http_plus'! HTTP/2 support is enabled by default, with a fallback to HTTP/1.1 (both with a timeout of 5 seconds).
In many of the places where HttpClients where previously accepted as arguments, BaseClient subtypes are now required. To continue using a custom HttpClient, wrap it with an IOClient.