fmtc_plus_sharing Module
The fmtc_plus_sharing module is required to use the import/export functionality.
See the fmtc_plus_sharing Installation & Setup instructions to add this module.
It is possible to export an entire store (including tiles and metadata) to a standalone file that can be easily shared and distributed between devices, then imported on any device.
For example, they can be used to create backup systems, sharing systems, or to distribute a preset package of tiles to all users without worrying about filesystems or app-bloat yourself!
Note that some tile servers, such as Mapbox, forbid the sharing of their cached tiles, but this should still be acceptable as long as a user only imports their own exports (for example, backup purposes).
The files are in the binary format that Isar uses, so they cannot easily be read or modified. Note that compression will be ineffective against them.
They can have any file extension applied to them - '.fmtc' is used in the example application. The name of the file dictates the name of the store that will be used when importing (without the 'export_' prefix, if still present).
This functionality is significantly faster on version 7 and above (as tiles do not need to be (un)archived).
If your application relies heavily on this functionality, consider migrating as soon as possible!
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