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fmtc_plus_background_downloading Module
The fmtc_plus_background_downloading module is required to use the background bulk downloading functionality.
Note this functionality is only available on Android.
See the fmtc_plus_background_downloading Installation & Setup instructions to add this module.
You should read about the limitations and tradeoffs of background downloading before you start using it.
Before using FMTC, ensure you comply with the appropriate rules and ToS set by your tile server. Failure to do so may lead to a permenant ban, or any other punishment.
This library and/or the creator(s) are not responsible for any violations you make using this package.
OpenStreetMap's can be found here: specifically bulk downloading is discouraged, and forbidden after zoom level 13. Other servers may have different terms.

Available Parameters

Additional Preparation

You should also wrap your application's root widget (such as a Scaffold) with the FMTCBackgroundDownload widget.
This is designed to stop the app from terminating when it is taken off the widget tree, such as when the user closes the application. It is safe to leave there even when not downloading: it is intelligent enough to only keep the application alive if there is an ongoing background download.
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